Tao Hands empower you
to transform every aspect
of your life.
Empower Yourself to transform lives

Cultures around the world are filled with stories of special people who had sacred healing powers. They used their abilities to bring love, peace and harmony to others' lives. They empowered others to be happier and healthier by maintaining and even uplifting to higher frequencies and vibrations of love, forgiveness, compassion and light.

Tao Hands are a unique spiritual light transmission that carry high-level frequency and vibration, with Tao love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Tao Hands offer blessings to transform unbalanced frequency and vibration to positive frequency and vibration.

The Tao Hands Practitioner Training Program is uniquely offered through Master Zhi Gang Sha and Certified Master Teachers of the Tao Academy. During the training, Tao Hands Practitioners are empowered to offer blessings for health, relationships, finance, business, intelligence, spiritual journey, and more. Tao Hands can be used to offer blessings to yourself, others, groups and remotely.

Tao Hands are meant for the everyday normal person. Anyone can learn and apply Tao Hands in their normal daily life. There are thousands of Tao Hands Practitioners around the world blessing themselves and others. Becoming a Tao Hands Practitioner empowers you to serve yourself and your family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, and others in a profound way. Tao Hands can be used anytime, anywhere, and can be integrated into what you are already doing in life.

In this training program:

  • Learn ancient and new wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques for healing and life transformation, including the Law of Yin Yang, Law of Shen Qi Jing (Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy and Matter), Five Elements, Soul Language, and more

  • Receive and be empowered with the Tao Hands Light Treasure, Tao Spiritual Protection Light Treasures, and Tao Spiritual Pendulum Light Treasure

  • Learn how to offer Tao Hands blessings for health, relationships, finance, business, intelligence, spiritual journey, and more

  • Receive and be empowered with a Tao Light Ball Treasure for 1 organ, system, body part or health issue request

  • Learn how you can make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others through offering Tao Hands blessings

  • Learn how to be an active and confident Tao Hands Practitioner, offering Tao Hands Blessings to yourself, your loved ones, and others anytime, anywhere, and in any aspect of life.

Tao Hands make accessible to you a universal spiritual healing blessing power, traditionally realized by a rare few. You too can learn how to use Tao Hands to assist others in transforming their health, feeling vital and whole, bringing love and light to their relationships, and more.

Come experience and be empowered with Tao Hands

Registration Details
Online and in person in Nordheimsund
5200 NOK
1000 NOK for Repeaters

November 19 - 21, 2021
Friday 16 - 20.30, Saturday & Sunday 10 - 16
Free introduction on November 8

In English, with Aljona Nowokreschenow & Molina Mo