Are you looking for a spiritual break-through but you could not find the solution to your personal challenges yet?

Learn in this workshop how to transform your life by using the six most powerful techniques.

Soul Power
The soul leads all aspects of your life
790 NOK
490 NOK
Both days
Only Saturday
490 NOK
Only Sunday
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You have the soul power
to transform every aspect of your life.
On our way to find more happiness and meaning in life, we can face struggles in our physical health, in our emotions and mental balance, in relationship, finances or our work life. The root cause of all kinds of challenges can be found on the soul level. Learn in this workshop to understand yourself and others from the perspective of soul and receive powerful tools to transform every aspect of your life.

Registration Details
Online Workshop
790 NOK both days, 490 NOK one day

13. & 14 March 2021 from 10 am - 4 pm CET
Free introduction on March 12 at 7 pm

In English, with Aljona Nowokreschenow & Molina Mo