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Deepen your understanding
Our body is a mirror of our soul as well as the outside world. The way our blood, liquids and energy flow through the body resemble the flow of water through rivers and oceans. The spaces between organs and cells should be as empty and clear as the air that we breath. Even our thoughts and feelings can reflect directly the expression of love or struggle in every part of our life.

Learning about the organs, the spaces in the body, the flows of energy and the correlating topics for our life will help us greatly to understand ourselves and others. It can help us to become more healthy, to strengthen our confidence and position in life, to feel grounded, connected and balanced.

The goal of the course is to empower you over the period of approx. 40 weeks to:
  • understand yourself and have all the tools to turn around your current condition
  • strengthen your clients by giving them simple, effective practices in e.g. health profession related work or working with Tao Hands

It summarized the core teachings of Traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Tao teachings and soul power practices in one course to give you everything you need.

You can join in any time as every weeks module can be seen as an individual class. After one cycle finishes, we begin to teach the classes again and can learn about the same topics from a new perspective.
Overview of Topics
See the different teaching directions
10 Da Qualities
The first classes explain the importance of 10 fundamental topics for our life, known as the 10 Da's. They form the basic understanding and frame for all meditations and topics.
7 Soul Houses
The 7 Soul Houses, also referred to as 7 Energy Chakras, are explaining major spaces in our body and how the information stored in these areas affects most parts of our physical, mental and emotional body.
Wai Jiao and San Jiao
Jiao means space. San Jiao describe the three main spaces in the body and Wai Jiao is the biggest space at the backside. Knowing how spaces work will give great understanding on how to handle physical pain and emotional imbalances.
5 Elements
The 5 element theory divides the whole body into 5 categories and explains the flow of energy and the pathway of liquids through them. It is a fundamental wisdom of understanding the major body functions and emotions in the TCM.
Shen, Qi and Jing Channel
The 3 major channels of matter, energy and information through the body explain clearly how the blockages can affect our life and how to unblock the flow and pathway again.
Tao: 4 Health classes
12 classes in total will summarize the major Tao teachings and wisdoms about how to live a healthy life. The first four classes frame the importance of good health.
Tao: 4 Rejuvantion classes
The second set of classes describes how we can prolong our life. The focus is to understand how to prevent sickness and imbalances.
Tao: 4 spiritual journey topics
The third set of classes give major explanations how our physical life it correlated to our soul life and how to fulfill our souls purpose.
a summary class will close the old and open up a new cycle. Remember: The same topic will never be the same. Even if you restart a cycle with me again, you will always learn new wisdom and understand the topics deeper. It is absolutely worth it to join the course multiple times.
Empower yourself and actively work on changing your life.
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Every Tuesday 20 - 21.30

With Aljona Nowokreschenow