Jakob Myklebost
+47 98 11 09 21
My name is Jakob, I have a great passion for meditation and recently became a certified Tao hands practicioner.
I came to meditation as i was looking for a way to get a more

I started my jorney towards meditation to try to find answers to what is important in life.

Meditation is an incredible tool that can help anyone find more calmness and hapiness in life

I am currently studying a master program in Architecture in NTNU (Trondheim, Norway), after i completed my bachelor of architecture at the KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany).

Meditation is for me a beautifull ancient art of connecting to yourself

Beeing both a Hiking guide (Turleder) and climbing instrucuor, and meditation teacher i love both nature, and beeing with other people and giving them unique experiences.

I now am co-teaching guided meditations every thursday...

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My weekly classes
Thursdays 20 to 21.30
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My weekly classes
Tuesdays 20 to 21.30
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