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How it works
Create Your Happiness
We give you the skillset to bring back or accelerate your happiness in life. Use joyful, effective and simple meditation techniques - with or without movement.
Exercise Your Soul
Happiness is created inside of your soul. Similar to lifting weights to strengthen your muscles we use soul exercises to strengthen the positive messages of your soul.
Experience Transformation
Same as a physical workout, you can gradually experience the change entering your life. Transform your life challenges and let them become your greatest success.
Tao Hands Practitioner
Master Teacher
Tao Hands Practitioner
Molina Mo
Aljona Nowokreschenow
Øivind Hjelle
Our Team
Max invented our company. He is the father of our main goals and values. He has founded first core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in work process. We are just writing more words so that the block is fully filled and I can properly adjust the text and the button towards each other. Thank you for the attention.
For more than 8 years Aljona has applied Soul Power meditation and helped to train and guide hundreds of practitioners as teacher and co-leader of the Tao Center in Berlin. Her own self-healing journey, living through atopic dermatitis, depression and mental struggles, allowed her to grow compassion and experience immense transformation for her own life.
Øivind Hjelle is trained as Tao Hands Practitioner and licensed Psychotherapist specialized in Traumatherapy. In the last 20 years he has experienced deep transformation of root blockages while supporting people on their journey to find value and meaning.
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About us
Soul Healing follows the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Tao Philosophy adapted to todays life. With a great focus on soul as our personal life guide, it empowers us to transform every aspect of our life through a unique meditation style.
Since joining I can see life again through the eyes of a small child, getting excited to discover the world. The practices are my new skill set that made all my problems become challenges that I am ready to accomplish.

Marc Lindstedt
The sessions with you left a great impression and were powerful and healing. You guided me with such a clearity towards my pain and helped me to transform it with such a joy! Your work is truly a blessing.

Julie von Dannenberg
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