Are you looking for a spiritual break-through but you could not find the solution to your personal challenges yet?

Learn in this workshop how to transform your life by using the six most powerful techniques.

Soul Power
The soul leads all aspects of your life
1590 NOK
The registration for the workshop includes a free healing gift.
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Everyone can open and develop their spiritual channels.
Learn to communicate with the soul

Opening spiritual channels is a very sacred opportunity in one's lifetime and can transform our lives greatly. It can help to transform our consciousness and make us grow on our spiritual journey. There are different spiritual channels we can receive messages through.Having open spiritual channels is very important in this challenging time on Mother Earth and can be of great help for yourself and others.

This workshop can help you grow further no matter where you are in the process of opening your spiritual channels. We will open up your soul language and soul song and use different practices to open our channels. You will be guided safely step by step by Master Teacher Aljona Nowokreschenow. Trained for more than 9 years she is a certified soul communicator and has widely opened channels.
We will have more courses for opening spiritual channels further. You will learn practices you can do in between and join our practice classes as well.

Registration Details
Online Workshop
1590 NOK

April 17 & 18, 2021 at 10 am - 4 pm CET
Free introduction on April 16 at 7 pm

In English, with Aljona Nowokreschenow & Molina Mo