Øivind Hjelle
+47 40 20 41 85
Øivind Hjelle is trained as Tao Hands Practitioner and licensed Psychotherapist specialized in Traumatherapy. In the last 20 years he has experienced deep transformation of root blockages while supporting people on their journey to find value and meaning.
"I love meditation as a way of exploring the power of our soul. Through the methods of soul power we can enhance all parts of our life. Since I finished my training as Tao Hands Practitioner in 2019 I have experienced great improvement in my overall well-being and deeper understood soul as a unique tool to overcome life challenges.

I finished my MSc. in Industrial Economics at the Universitetet i Agder (UiA) in 2003 and have changed my direction towards therapy work starting from 2013. I was licensed as a Psychotherapist (Gestalt therapy) in 2017 and Trauma therapist (Somatic Experiencing) in 2015."
20 years
of meditation experience
10 years
Co-leader of a meditation center (in Oslo)
more than 50
weekend workshops organized and taught
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