Molina Mo
+47 97 67 66 87
Molina is a passionate soul, guided by her heart to support people the best ways she can. She has studied various methods for over 30 years to find the solution for her suffering. She was able to transform extreme fatigue as well as emotional and mental challenges with the wisdom and power of the soul.
30 years
of experience and education in health, spirituality and nutrition
20 years
suffering from fatigue and emotional issues transformed
more than 10
advanced training courses joined in different fields
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450 NOK
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Students' reviews
Molina is in touch with a power we all have within. We can reach out to it if we just believe and take the time to do practices, reflection and meditation. Thank you so much for reminding me of this power!
Do not quite know how to write this. You're a wonderful person. Thank you for supporting me yesterday when I was having a hard time. Your support means a lot to me no matter what it is. You are important in my life!
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