Soul Power Meditation
Explore our meditation style in our newly developed app!
Soul Power follows the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Tao Philosophy, adapted to todays life. With a great focus on soul as our personal life guide, it empowers us to transform every aspect of our life through a unique meditation style.
The Soul Power app gives you a free introduction to our meditation style, and gives you a wide variety of our different exiting meditations you can try out today!
Free download
The app comes with plenty of free content included for beginners
Easy to use
With just a few clicks you can start meditation straight away and start your journey with us
Tailor-made Meditations
You can choose combinations of different categories to fit your needs
Created for you
Soul Power Meditaion is created with close dialouge with our users, and fits the needs of beginners and advanced students alike
Start using for free
Our app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
Start tracking your fitness and bodybuilding achievements today!