Aljona Nowokreschenow
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My name is Aljona and I have been studying soul power meditation since 2012. I was certified a Master Teacher by Tao Academy in 2015 and have been teaching and holding sessions since.
It is my great passion to meditate every day to explore the beauty of soul and strengthen my health. Through my unique training as Guan Yin Lineage Holder and Tao Teacher I am grateful to share ancient Tao wisdom adapted to our everyday life. From 2016 to 2020 I was leading the Master Sha Tao Center in Berlin as the youngest appointed teacher worldwide.

Transforming my own atopic dermatitis, depression, and mental struggles through the power of soul meditation allowed me to gain great confidence and I want to share the tools to create happiness with everyone.

I finished my BSc. in Landscape Management and Nature Conservation (Eberswalde, Germany) and I am currently studying at NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) for my Masters degree in Natural Resource Management.
9 years
experience in soul power meditation
over 150 students
trained, supported and guided on their path
more than 50
weekend workshops organized and taught
How do I work?
Inspiration and techniques based on ancient Tao wisdom
Tailor-made plans to enhance your self-healing abilities
Receive intuitively guided support that fits your needs
I love using sound, movement, music, and storytelling in my meditations to give you a unique experience
Personal reviews
Julie von Dannenberg
The sessions with you left a great impression and were powerful and healing. You guided me with such a clearity towards my pain and helped me to transform it with such a joy! Your work is truly a blessing.
Marte Soldal
Reisen mot helbredelse kan være lang og tung. Ingen burde være alene på denne reisen. Jeg kan ikke få takket soulpower nok, for all støtten, kjærligheten og hjelpen jeg har fått. Så mye lys, varme og omsorg. De har blitt en familie for meg. Familien jeg aldri fikk, men alltid trengte. Jeg hadde ikke vært der jeg er i dag, hadde det ikke vært for alle de fantastiske menneskene.

Soulpower har hjulpet meg å finne tilbake til meg selv, og for det, er jeg evig takknemlig!
Marc Lindstedt
Since joining I can see life again through the eyes of a small child, getting excited to discover the world. The practices are my new skill set that made all my problems become challenges that I am ready to accomplish.
Frauke Behrens
This spiritual journey with the Tao academy and the Soul Power group Norway with Master Aljona is the biggest adventure of my life and the best thing of it: it never ends. What I experienced is beyond words and touches and directs me to my first cell of a being. And all that after 25 years of more or less spiritual practice.
Your direction
Learn through our classes, workshops or through our app in your own pace about the power of soul - and experience it.
You have a unique challenge that requires deeper understanding? You can connect to me. I work intuitively to find the most efficient and peaceful solution with you together.
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